Sunday, February 27, 2011

Daniel Update

Hi All and thank you for you patience with our blog. Our love for Daniel is never on hold. Just came from a quick visit with my brother and I am happy to say that he is doing well in his abode in SM. Cathy and Michelle take awesome care of him; he looks happy and healthy whenever I go over. Also, the kids are doing great. I love watching Danielito and Adan play like the little bros that they are. Nayeli and Anahi get along just as well. They are growing up fast. Daniel and I discuss everything: movies, sports, music you name it. I recently saw a documentary on Ricky Williams, maybe you remember him. He was the Miami Dolphins running back that walked away from millions to find himself (suspended for using marijuana). After all kinds of soul searching he eventually became a yogi and returned to kick butt in the NFL. He's also a loving father and the story has a happy ending. The documentary is called Run Ricky Run and I highly reccommend it for its compassionate and divergent point of view. Daniel too is doing great as a dad with the kids giving him lots of hugs. Daniel is very sincere in his gratitude for the caring that is shown to him. I am grateful, myself, for the time that we share together. I hope this update reaches all of you in good health and that it helps by way of connecting with Daniel. Stay in touch.