Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cathy reports that Daniel continues to experience
high fevers, last night was no exception. Nurses are
using a 'cooling blanket' to break the fevers. The
blanket looks like bubble wrap, but more durable and
is connected to a refrigeration unit that pumps
cold liquid through chambers.
The speech therapist is now using flavored lollipops
to stimulate the swallowing reflex and movement of
his tongue and lips. Alfredo reports that Daniel is
showing small improvements in swallowing and
In an earlier post I mentioned research in New
Zealand applying stimuli to the 5 senses to patients
in coma. It is a scientific study adhering to strict
research standards.
The results of stimulating the five senses,
tactil, auditory, visual, taste, and smell have been
inconclusive using a variety of techniques with
patients. They achieved positive results with some
patients in varying degrees of coma, but nothing that
could be successfully replicated on all patients.

Still no word on when Daniel will have the small micro
pump device implanted to introduce small dosages of
muscle relaxants.
Cathy also reports that Daniel has had a small gain in
weight, less than one pound, but a gain rather than
a loss. His doctor at Village Square is Dr. Santos.
S/he has ordered a full blood panel workup. This is a
preventive measure to make sure there is nothing of
a viral or bacterial nature trying to get a foothold
or causing the high fevers. The panel will test for
white cell levels, cholesterol levels, and sediment rates.

Breaking News!! Nando has been hired to teach
Drama at the brand new high tech charter school
just 100 yards from Daniel's room. In fact, the new
structure is visible from Daniel's bed!
Congratulations Nando!!!
Victor and family have returned from their vacation
in NorCal. Welcome home Victor. It's back to the
grind in a few weeks. Alfredo took his son
backpacking in the high Sierra's. No bear or
mountain lion encounters, whew!

Thanks to all who continue to find the time to
visit Daniel during this long recovery journey.
Take care of one another and stay healthy.


  1. I had a chance to visit Daniel today.I want to tell you that when i walked into his room i was filled with joy. I experieced seeing the hand of God at work. I saw that God was faithful in his promises. i noticed that Daniel had a roof over his head, a bed to sleep on. He had food and water. he had pictures of his loved ones around him, so I knew he had love. He had a breath, a heartbeat, but most of all he had life. Oh how happy it made me! he has all the wonderful things that I have and ultimately we know we have these things because our God loves us. Daniel is on a mission from God and I hope that everyone can see it. thanks for letting me share.
    God Bless,
    Cousin Lilia

  2. Daniel is blessed to have a family as loving as you all have demonstrated to be. I am grateful for the time you take out of your days and update us all on Daniel's condition so please continue to do so. I know that others here at RCC Norco are just as thrilled as I am to hear of Daniel's stability and perseverance. I am certain God is listening to our prayers. Daniel is fortunate to have you all.

    Truly, He is missed at Norco.

    Gabby Ramirez

  3. The U.S.A Is a Vampire with red and white and blue fangs, thirsthing to bite all of latin America and that comes in rich resources. America to me was seen as "The Land of Dreams" the only dreams that are occuring are expanding the rich with wealthy profits and eliminating the middle class.

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    your comments have nothing to do with my brother.This blog spot is called "Hope for Daniel", lets try to stay focused. I'm sure their are more appropriate forums were you can express your political views.

    Thanks, Alfredo

  5. To Anonymous:
    No doubt that Daniel would agree with your assessment of U.S. imperialism and evil aspects of free market capitalism. As Alfredo states, these comments belong on one of the many political blogs. Keep reading this blog and share some anecdotes of your experiences with Daniel. This is a long struggle, please stay with us.

  6. Thanks for keeping us updated Sal