Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tribute to Daniel at RCC Norco

A very special thank you to Daniel's friends, colleagues and especially the students at Riverside Community College for the wonderful fundraising efforts and tribute to Daniel and his family at the annual RCC Norco holiday gathering. We are very grateful for the gifts for Daniel's children and the donation to the Daniel Vega Family Fund.

It was nice to finally have met the good people with whom Daniel collaborated and with whom he cultivated loving and lasting relationships. We all enjoyed the stories and memories of Daniel that were shared. We are so proud of Daniel for the work he has done while at RCC Norco; and it was evident Norco is a place that nurtures the type of values that Daniel lives: community, service and social justice.

Daniel's spirit is strong and we are stronger thanks to your prayers and support.

I was with Daniel today for four hours. Daniel is not able to do much for himself by way of self-care. Though he doesn't speak, he is alert and communicative. As we speak to Daniel or hold his hand or massage his arms, he reciprocates with his attention and efforts at speech.

For those of you who have not visited Daniel, I encourage you to do so...he most certainly benefits from time spent with friends. He is in room 226 at the following address:

Village Square Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
1586 West San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos CA 92069

Please email me at if you need more information or if you would like to arrange a time when we could visit together.


  1. This is great. Shows how much Daniel is loved by those he has touched throughout his life. Very good. Get well soon Vega.


  2. Wow! I am so over joyed by the love and support. I pray Daniel, for you and your family; and evan though I have never met you, your story has touched me deeplly. I look fowrd to reading the posts of your progress and the strength and love that continues throughout the posts. Please continue to progress and God Bless you and your family,

    Sincerely, Tabitha Fuller RCC

  3. I honestly give all my support to Daniel, he is a great person. And he always loved my Che shirt.

  4. Thank you Tabitha for your thoughtful comments and signature...

    If you are posting anonymously, please leave us your name so that we can acknowledge everyone's support. We allow for anonymous comments to make it easier for all to post; otherwise we would have to sign up, sign in, etc. etc.



  5. To the student with the Che shirt.

    Daniel loves Che. He even knows little details about his life. He was the one who informed me that Luis Valdez, my personal hero, played softball with him once. I confirmed this with Luis as being true. I hope that you will now pick up the torch of social justice and equity in his honor. I will tell him about you. Better yet go check the homie out and tell him. When my Grandfather died I always saw Daniel as the strong one who would inheret the honor bestowed by the barrio of Fallbrook upon our Grandfather. Daniel is the Jefe. His meteoric rise from continuation to academic artistry speaks volumes of his character. Daniel is the natural leader who puts the entire familia first. His loyalty to his wife, babies, extended Familia, students and homies is admirable. Cousins regard him as being closer than siblings. Just ask Fern Pilon Chuy and John etc. This episode is but a "piedra en el camino". A bump in the road. El Daniel es el Jefe in my book. Sigue siendo el Rey de Fallbrook Cabrones.

    El Nando Vega

  6. Merry Christmas Vega family. Danny, thinking of you on this day. See you soon.


  7. My Primo Hermano is half my size but he has 10x the heart that any of us have.. He has never backed down from anyone. He has always had my back and I will always have his. It is crazy how much our sons remind me of us when we were kids.