Monday, July 6, 2009

Take Your Time

# 5: Approach me with an open heart and slow your energy down. Take your time."

Good morning all. I was able to see Daniel on Saturday for a short while. He was responsive to voices. My perception is that light affects him very much. His eyes get very tired when they are exposed to light. When I go visit, I close the blinds near his bed and make sure there is no light directly hitting his eyes. By my estimation, he tends to tune out or sleep more when there is more sound in the room than when there is not. I believe he can discriminate a voice from background noise because of our eye contact when I speak to him directly, clearly and softly. He is also able to lift his head! He lifted his head slightly 2 or 3 times in my presence. I didn't request this he did it on his own. I congratulated and encouraged him. I will celebrate every effort!

On Sunday, Alfredito, Daniels Godson, hit an opposite-field homerun that drove in 3 runs for his Little League All Star team. Vista Nationals beat RBV 11 - 1. Carmen and I were very proud, and I can't wait to tell Daniel! Their next game is against Oceanside on Tuesday at 5pm. The tournament is hosted by Oceanside Amercian Little League which plays at the Ron Ortega Park in Oceanside right off interstate 5. Call Alfredo or Diana for more info.


  1. Eres Cabron Alfredito. Your Tio would be proud of you.

    Nando took the weekend off. I am back for the weekdays. I will be in today to say hi.

    Thank you for the advice on keeping his heart rate down.

    El Nando

  2. Thanks for that , Victor .

    My experience with those recovering from severe head injuries , or aneurysms has been very similar .

    Bright light or many sounds or voices irritates them , sometimes causing painful headaches. It's best to appraoch singly, get very close to the face , with eye contact , speaking in a moderate tone.

    All of them said that they FELT the love and prayers.


    Pat Savas

  3. Dear Nando,

    A little fluctuation in his heart rate is to be expected from his interactions or therapy. (Think what happens whenever you exert yourself.) I have noticed that it is only when it gets to 120 or 130 BPM or higher and it doesn't subside that some kind medicine is given to him. If he has a fever too, then I welcome these interventions. Daniel needs to be comfortable (and painfree?) so that his brain has optimal conditions to heal. Please, if anyone out there has some experience with this and can shed some light on this, pleae comment.


  4. Thank you Pat. That's what we need to hear.

  5. Alfredito is the Man!!!

    Daniel was really relaxed on Sunday morning. Eyes closed I guess the nurse gave him a sedative around 2 am. Sarah and i talked to him for a little while but he looked so comfortable that we decided to keep quiet and read. The nurse came in and gave him some tylenol and some insulin around 11:30am. When it was time to leave I said my usual goodbye, then he opened his eyes.. It made me happy. It does look like he followed my voice and movements.. I waited till he dosed off and then I left with a smile on my face.


  6. Fern-Dog...I love you man!!!! Thanks Sarah!


  7. Hello all,
    I was with Daniel a little while today. I was able to tell him about Freditos performance on Sunday,as I was telling him he turned his head to his right and made eye contact with me. I was really impressed ,that was the first time I've seen him do that.He must have been proud of his godson.
    Alfredito has requested to come with me to visit his padrino tomorrow before his game, he believes Daniel is his good luck charm.
    Peace, Alfredo