Saturday, September 26, 2009

As part of the long term goal of preparing
Daniel for independent living, one immediate
goal is to eliminate the intra-venous drip of
saline for hydration. Another benefit of this
step is that it eliminates an area that is a
source of possible infections. Daniel will
receive liquid hydration through the catheter
to his stomach which is used for nutrient
A reminder that there is no longer any
risk in regards to the bout Daniel had with
shingles. Also, the urinary tract infection
has been treated and is history now.
This morning, Daniel had some 'patio
time' with Diana, Alfredo, Margarita, Cristina,
Pat Savas, Tia Chita and Tio Tzal.
Daniel is still holding his own. There have
been numerous reports of a very small sense
of awareness on his part when someone has
mentioned certain topics or events. We're all
searching for a word or phrase or anecdote
that might trigger a cognitive flash or response.
Keep trying. Auditory or verbal stimulus is easy
and inexpensive, and as family and friends, we
we have shared experiences and recognizable please keep those positive words
of reminiscence and encouragement flowing.

There are medical studies under way all over
the world addressing this problem. Brain trauma
studies emanate from the medical science fields
of neurology, neurobiology, psychiatry, and
combinations of those fields. Recent develop-
ments in stem cell applications hold many
exciting possibilities. We continue to scan the
research, read, and network with families who
have traveled this road.
It is human nature to measure success with
achieving short term goals. That is good.
Success with long term goals requires great
perseverance. This is admirable.
The struggle for a year or two or more
will find the strongest of us.
...."These are the indispensable ones". Brecht.

Take care of one another......


  1. Sal,

    Also indispensable are these updates by you, Victor, Cathy, and Daniel's friends. I just want to remind you all that your comments, reports, stories, anecdotes, etc. are very therapeutic and uplifting and something so many of us look forward to on a daily basis. Reading this blog has become one of my most important, daily to do's!!! Love you, Daniel!!!

    Your prima, Nina

  2. I thoroughly enjoy reading Daniel's blog and check it everyday! Keep up the good work and best wishes for Daniel!
    Us at RCC !

  3. I love you daniel aqnd we all love you and sabes que guey we will make it like you always say vale madre pero vamos a lograr la victoria gracias daniel you mean alot to me and my success gracias por todo guey and qiero que sepas te quiero mucho ok ciao

  4. As time passes, I cant't believe 5 months has gone by... Daniel's family is doing well, I am trying my very hardest to keep the family going under the circumstances. Michelle has been a huge help in balancing this act. My energy is running at an all time high theses days, a good thing? I am not sure, but I am able to accomplish anything that comes my way.

  5. im so proud of u cathy :)