Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday, September 21

I was fortunate enough to visit Daniel this weekend and it was apparent, by his discomfort, (extended period of body tension and sweating) that he was having a tough day. While I was there, Cathy got me up to speed on all that was going on with Daniel and mentioned he was having a rough week. From what she shared with me it sounds like there will be a meeting with the medical team assisting Daniel sometime this week to asses his progress.
Before I left I had some alone time with Daniel and I let him know about our fantasy football (this time last year, we were talking trash back and forth about the greatness of each of our teams Los Apaches (me) and Melapelas (him). We finished 2nd and 3rd in the League. This year, I took up his team name and kept my logo, and informed my adversaries I will be handing everyone a beating for two. So far, so good, (2-0) average margin of victory 75 points.
You know, I did feel he was paying attention.
I had a short heart to heart with him after we talked fantasy football, and as I did, his facial expression changed from a fearful look to a more serene expression. I felt him calmer and that allowed me to leave in a better place, sad yes, but also very hopeful that he will pull through.
I would like to take this time to thank all of Daniel's gente in RCC Norco, his co-worker Zina Chacon has informed me of all the awesome people over there, including students, staff, and faculty who have pulled together to raise funds for Daniel, Cathy and the kids. They have been doing raffles, selling food and taking in donations for the purpose of helping Daniel in the only way they can at this point. I know he would be very proud of all of you, and feel honored to have such great gente behind him.
In solidarity,


  1. Thanks for the post Chuy. Hey, Dallas still rules!!! My boy Romo has to pull it together though. I know Daniel would be giving me a hard time right now, but the Chargers are not doing well also--I'll gives Rivers credit though.


  2. "Melapelas" hahaha. Pinchi Daniel..came up with a bad ass team name.