Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 143
Trying to provide an update to keep the
blog current and relevant. Cathy reports
that Daniel experienced a mild seizure three
days ago. No indication of cause or after effects
as of this post. Also, Daniel has had a minor
urinary tract infection, now receiving medication.
Cathy advises taking precautions during visits
this week & next, as Daniel has a mild localized
episode of a form of Chicken pox called shingles.
Indications are that this is stress related. Please
check at nurses station on status prior to visit.

For those of you trying to balance work, school,
managing kids in sports, mortgages/rent, repairs,
commuting, budgets, and other family responsibilities is by any standard, no easy task. The economy
has exacerbated your struggle. Keep your priorities
in order....easier said than done.
Cathy contends with all of the above and more.
She relies on the great support group of family and
friends, among them, Michelle, Diana, Sara and Sarah,
Irene, and others, too many to mention here.
Their presence is invaluable. A brief word of
appreciation for all that make time to help.
Thank you and keep up the good work.
Take care of one another.....


  1. Hey Sal: Thanks for taking the time to post updates whether you're here, South or up North. We really appreciate your input. Even though I see Daniel on a weekly basis, I still check the blog daily. I can only imagine how others feel that aren't able to see Daniel regularly. Keep up the good work!

    Take care. Irene

  2. Thanks Irene. Maria and I are wondering what is Daniel's situation with the urinary tract
    infection and the shingles. Hopefully, someone can post an update.