Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hey Daniel, Cathy just left and Nando walked in!
Cathy asks that no photos of Daniel be taken or
posted until Daniel can speak to that request.
Jerry Horner's daughter, Michelle and her husband
Spencer Ford visited Daniel. They are from British
Columbia, Canada. They gave Cathy and Daniel three
vials of anointing oils from Jerusalem, Israel. used in
rites and blessings of the Christian faith.
Cathy has scheduled massage and reflexology sessions
for Daniel. They begin next week.
While visiting, Daniel had his daily speech and physical
therapy sessions.
Gave Daniel an update on all World Cup qualifying
matches still going on. The FIFA World Cup will be in
South Africa in 2010. Just sixteen (16) years after the
end of apartheid in 1994! That year marked the end or
46 years of inhumane and brutal 'legal' racial segregation.
Racial segregation in South Africa began in colonial times.
Nelson Mandela was elected president on April 27, 1994,
after 27 years of incarceration as a political prisoner.

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