Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The capacity for hope is the most significant fact of life.
It provides human beings with a sense of destination and the energy to get started.
~Norman Cousins

Today is Tuesday, Daniel arrived here 21 days ago. Daniel is still in critical condition.
Daniel's surgeon is concerned about the build up of fluid (cerebralspinal fluid-CSF) in
the brain area. The doctor is placing a 'shunt' in the area today at 5:00pm.
The 'shunt' is a device which drains the extra fluid (CSF) in the
brain into other parts of the body where the fluid can be absorbed.
The 'shunt' has a micro valve that controls the rate of flow.
The actual procedure takes 30 to 45 min.

There was fear of a recurrence of pneumonia yesterday, but test (bronclascopy & blood work)
results indicate his lungs are clear, no pneumonia.

Daniel's neurosurgeon wants Daniel's body temperature below normal
to promote optimum conditions for healing. If you have seen Daniel shivering
the ICU nurses are controlling that with a paralytic, a medication which
induces a safe , low level of paralysis. The slow progress toward healing has
enabled the medical staff to discontinue this drug and now raise Daniel's body
temperture back to 98.6.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: Nayeli scored her first 'GOL' at the Oceanside Beach
tournament last Saturday!!!! Daniel would be soooooo proud of her!!!

Also on Saturday, family members gathered at Alfredo and Diana's home for a brief
R & R to recharge batteries and lend mutual support. Olivia (Daniel & Cathy's oldest daughter)
wanted ice cream so bad, like her Dad's craving habits- the apple doesn't fall far
from the hereditary tree.

The feeling is unanimous that Sharp Memorial is first class and 'state of the art'
in all aspects of care and application of medical science. This is reassuring and we
know that there is a united effort to restore Daniel's health and give him a fighting
chance. Daniel's will to live, love for life, and joy of living is still in his heart.....we know
these characteristics will see him through this trial.


Elena & Bob
Chuy Miranda
Adrian Gonzalez
Maurice Bishop
Chuy Morga
John Escobedo
Alfredo Vega
Victor Vega
Fernando Vega

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