Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Daniel Is With Us

Thank you all for sharing your stories and thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Daniel is getting the best care in the world. Our family has the utmost respect and gratitude for the nurses caring for Daniel. As they monitor his heart and check for responsiveness, they also attend to his family and friends gently and respectfully. As of today, Daniel responds to pain and his heart rate is good. When I left the hospital he was running fever, but the nurse was giving him medicine to bring it down.

We have our own ways of measuring Daniel's progress, and when we touch Daniel or speak to him we know in our hearts that he is listening. Daniel lives and has lived! When I think of how much this man, my brother, has accomplished in such a short time I feel proud and happy. He is a father, a counseler, a dog breeder, a martial-arts competitor, a traveler (he has lived in Mexico, traveled to Cuba...). He is most happy when he is able to share his success with others...witness all the friends and family that have come to show support for Daniel. Above all else, he values the love of friends and family--the love of humanity. He has managed to keep us all connected through thick or thin. Throughout his life, Daniel has persuaded people to come out of their shells, to reach beyond themselves, he has challenged us to reach our fullest potential. Please continue to share your wonderful memories and thoughts, we need them now more than ever and please remember to thank the nurses for treating my brother with the dignity and respect he wishes for every human being on this planet!




  1. We have been keeping Daniel in our prayers and sending lots of positive thoughts his way. As you stand at his bedside, remind him about the power of mind over matter; he has the power within him to heal himself. He can hear everything everyone says in his current state so tell him that he's going to come out of this soon and, in no time at all, we'll all get back the same ole Daniel we have all known and loved.

  2. We are here for you and your family. Daniel is in our thoughts and prayers. You have to have faith in God that he will come out of this ok and he will.