Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Daniel had a different look today--head shaven the way he likes it when the weather starts to warm up. He is very handsome and his complexion is nice. Because he has such good skin color, the Che tattoo on his right arm stands out if to say "Hasta la victoria, siempre."

Present for Mom's day were Olivia, Danielito, and Nayeli. Michelle (Cathy's sister) gets the Honorary Mom Award for helping Cathy with the kids. It is such a pleasure to be with them watching them laugh and play with their cousins. Daniel's former Dean--Ken?--brought the kids some toys so thank you very much. Some of us went to watch Danielito play soccer at San Juan Capistrano for the Spring Cup on Saturday. Danielito plays for the 11 and under Hawks--a travel club out of Temecula. It was their first time on a full-sized regulation field and they held their own against more experienced teams. It was awesome to watch the Hawks and Danielito play. And the parents on the team, especially Jonathon and Stacey, have been there to support Cathy and Daniel.

Thank you so much to everyone that has helped in so many small and large would be impossible for me to know of the good work that everyone is doing but we feel your support. Please continue to pray for Daniel as the next few days will be critical.

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  1. Thank you Victor for all of your detailed updates. We have hope and faith that Daniel will recover.