Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday May 31, 2009

Spoke with the supervising nurse about
Daniel's elevated heart rate. She stayed in the
room to observe the fluctuations and concurred
that it was a little outside previous elevations.
She was not alarmed about this and tried to assure
me that staff on this floor were aware of the situation.
They can follow this at each room and also at a remote
location called the telemetry room in the hospital.
The room has banks of monitors with staff members
observing several rooms at once.The telemetry room
is on the 3rd floor. We're waiting to hear from
the supervising nurse for this floor.
Cathy, Olivia, Danielito, and Nayeli Vega
Victor y Carmen Vega and family ~ Armando Vega
Alfredo Vega ~ Oscar y Nacha Vega ~ Violeta Parra
Amelia y Leo Pulido ~ Mario Duran ~ Rudy & Ruben
Aguilar ~ Tȟašúŋke Witkó ~ Jess y Irene Lopez and family,
Big Fern y Sarah and family ~ David (Michelle's friend),
Alejandrina Vera ~ Cristina Alvarado ~ Consuelo Rodriguez


  1. Sal I was wondering about this too. I even commented to Cathy that I hadn't seen a nurse the whole time I was there. I guess we are just used to the special care he was recieving on the second floor.

    I did notice that when I talked quietly to Daniel, his heart-rate went down. My guess is that he can be overstimulated at times and that his brain needs quiet and calm to recover. From a survivor I read that to0 much stimulation (i.e. TV and talking at the same time) make it harder to rest (makes sense of course, but rest is very important at this stage.


  2. sergio diaz and familyMay 31, 2009 at 11:23 PM

    hey victor.....
    we 're all putting daniel's health in god hands, we hope for the best.please say hi to my uncle and tia magui, send ours support and prayer's to then, sergio diaz