Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday May 30, 2009
Day 32

Superman's not brave.
You can't be brave if you're indestructible.
It's every day people, like you and me,
that are brave knowing we could easily
be defeated but still continue forward.
~ unknown

Daniel had an uneventful night, tranquil in
his new room on the 4th floor. His vital signs
have been in the normal range. His blood
pressure is stable, some minor fluctuations
in his heart rate, and his breathing has become
easier- decrease in the coughing. He still coughs
to clear out the chest secretions.
Margarita was allowed to sleep on the sofa bed
in Daniel's room last night. She kept a vigilant
eye on him throughout the night. The nursing
staff in this unit are very attentive and caring.
They don't have to deal with the stress inherent
in the SICU. Here in the Progressive Care Unit
you can feel the difference, it is a different level
of care.
Although Daniel is still in critical condition, he is
more stable, now that he has recovered from
the trauma of surgery, the installation of the shunt,
bouts of pneumonia, high fevers, adjusting
to the trache, the decrease in the need for
suctioning.....irritating and annoying for Daniel.
I mentioned in a previous post that it is certain
that Daniel will be transferred to Villa Pomerado
Acute Care Facility, next to Pomerado Hospital in
Poway. When? No definitive word yet. No official
decision yet, but we surmised that it depends on
Daniel's condition. If no further complications arise,
the transfer may occur early next week.
Daniel and his family have received numerous cards
of support, prayers, and expressions of love. These
have been a part of the wave of concern for what
Daniel and family are enduring. Mil gracias!


Cathy, Michelle, and Nayeli - Victor and Margarita Vega

Armando Vega - Bonnie Vega - Grandpa Vega

Elena Dunn - Esperanza and Jerry -'Nando Vega

Pablo Neruda - Chuy Miranda - Adrian Gonzalez -

Steven Biko - Roberto and Olga Chavez -

George & Vero Perez - 'Gordo' Perez -

Valerie Perez - Big Fern - 'lil Fern (Fern Dog)

Julianna Vega - 3 members of Warriors Team

Andrew Santos -student from RCC

Rosa Santos (Andrew's mom)

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