Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday May 24, 2009
Day 26

Believe in the magic of tomorrow
and your spirits will be lifted
on wings of hope. ~Kobi Yamada

Another restful night for Daniel. I think he needed
more rest what with all the visitors on Saturday.

The sedative level was decreased from 4 to 3 on
Saturday afternoon. This morning, Sunday, at 8:30
it was lowered from 3 to 2. Then at 10:15 it was
decreased again to one! Daniel has handled the
decrease with no signs of withdrawal or pain.
Dawn, Daniel's nurse, corrected my use of
terms related to Daniel's medications.
First, the pain medication (Fentanyl) is at level 2,
the actual sedative (Ativan) is now at level one!
My apologies for any confusion in previous posts.

Another change: the Ativan is now at 0.5 !!!!
and the Fentanyl is at one!!!
Another change: It is Sunday 12:30 PM
Both the Ativan and the Fentanyl have been
turned down to 'zero'. Daniel is no longer
on sedatives or pain medication!!

Dawn and Maria are watching him closely and
talking to him to see if the reductions will move
him closer to the threshold of consciousness.
This will take some time. He is being
hydrated and this will rid his body of traces of
those meds. From Dawn's experience, she has
offered that it will take a couple of days to get
his body free of Ativan & Fentanyl.
If it appears that Daniel is experiencing
discomfort or pain, Dawn will use Tylenol.
It is a given that Daniel's good
physical condition prior to the April 29 has
enabled him to withstand the various treatments.

Daniel is breathing more on his own today! They
take him off the ventilator for an hour at a time and
he seems to be showing he can do it on his own!
He has been off the ventilator for two hours!
Go Daniel - Go Daniel - Go Daniel!!!!

Breaking News: Saturday, Danielito scored a 'gol'
to help his team, the Temecula Hawks, as they
crushed the hapless Poway Vaqueros... 5 to 0 !!!!
Go Danielito!!! Daniel is proud of you!

Saturday and this morning he has opened his eyes
for greater lengths of time. He is still not 'tracking', or
looking from side to side. Cathy reports that Daniel's
neurosurgeon was here last night and conducted a
test for responsiveness and was surprised at Daniel's
reaction. Something positive that the doctor wasn't
ready for. One step at a time.

Hope is independent of the apparatus of logic. ~Norman Cousins

Take care of one another.......

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Chuy Miranda
Fernando & Sarah Vega
Fernandito & Sarah Vega
Juliana Vega
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  1. Such wonderful news! So many of us are thinking of Daniel daily. Prayer is a STRONG tool!
    An old friend,
    Jeannie Lowe-Thomas

  2. Yes! Keep fighting Daniel! We miss you so much at work. It's hard passing by the office not seeing you there, but I know you will come out of this. We pray every day for you and your family!
    I'll never forget when you called me a "pimp" during my academic counseling with you, you are so hilarious. Good times. MISS YOU! :)
    -Candy Perez

  3. We are amazed to hear this great news thus far and to know you are making progress. We know there is a long, tough road ahead but Daniel has proven to all of us that he is a FIGHTER!! Keep it up Daniel. You are in our hearts and prayers. May God bless you and your family.
    Your friends, David & Jessica Archambault