Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Room!!!

4:30 pm
Saturday May 30, 2009

With 'Nando Vega at the helm, all able
hands were called on deck to weigh anchor
and move Daniel to another dock. Happy crew
on board: Oscar, Jessica, Yvonne, 'lil Oscar,
Tia Chita, 3 nurses and yours truly.
He is now in Room 406. Larger, better view, maybe
even an ocean view (marine layer still blocking
the horizon).
Yvonne and 'lil Oscar are busy putting up all
the photographs.
'lil Oscar reports that his team, Fallbrook Warriors,
lost to the "4-s Ranch" 13 to 6. Bummer! Wait'll
next year!

Also, Olivia is making her Confirmation tonight.
Parents, abuelos, tios, primos, amigos, maybe 25
family members all in attendance for this traditional
rite of receiving the holy spirit. Yea Olivia!
Dinner to follow at the 'Olivia Garden'.

Daniel is relaxing now in his new room over looking
Kearny Villa High school and Mesa Community
College. Lots of trees and sky! View of the horizon
rather than an old building.
Nestor Aguilar just walked in and Big Fernando is
here with Sarah, their kids, Bonnie, Grandpa
Fernando, and 4 other friends.
Good golly miss molly! Four Fernandos in one
Big Fernando brought in Marley decals for
Daniel's helmet. Jammin!
'Keep on doing what you have always done,
You will keep on being what you have always been'
~Bob Marley

More to follow...........stay tuned.

'Nando Vega ~ Oscar Vega aka Pilon, Jessica, 'lil Oscar, Yvonne
Big Fern ~ Sarah ~ Alissa ~ Julianna ~ Fern Dog ~ Grandpa Fern
George Perez ~ Vero ~ Valeria ~ 'Gordo'~ Nestor ~ Bob Marley
Bonnie Vega ~ Armando Vega ~Paulo Freire ~ Andrew Santos
(Andrew is one of Daniel's students) ~ Rosa Santos (Andrew's mom)
3 members of the Fallbrook Warriors


  1. Nice! Can't wait to see his new room.


  2. P.S. Olivia's confirmation was beautiful. St. Stephen's Catholic Church in Valley Center is incredible. We had dinner at the Olive Garden and we were the last ones to leave the restaurant.