Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009 Memorial Day
Day 27

There is no hope unmingled with fear,
and no fear unmingled with hope. ~Spinoza

Daniel had another restful night. According to Matt,
his 'numbers' (vital signs) are good and the medication
levels are still within norms. He is receiving antibiotics
to head off any risk of infections and they monitor his
respiration to keep him free from pneumonia.

Daniel is opening his eyes more often.
His responsiveness to pressure stimuli continues
to be good. At times it appears that he is about to wake
up. This will take time. We will be patient.
This seems like an appropriate time to repeat a quote
used in this blog a week ago or so:
"All human wisdom is summed up in two words:
wait and hope" Alexander Dumas

Regarding the 24/7 medical care Daniel has received-
Daniel has had two outstanding ICU nurses assigned
to his care in the last 4 days, they are Dawn and Matt.
Can't say enough about their attentiveness, empathy,
professionalism, and rapport with visitors.

Yesterday, Sunday, Daniel cleared a challenging hurdle
when the respiratory therapist allowed him to breath
on his own, unassisted. First, for two hours. Then another
hour, ...then another. Concerned that he might tire,
the therapist and Dawn were impressed that
he was strong enough to go for 9 hours!! ¡Andale Daniel!

Once again, attribute this to his physical condition prior
to April 29. Small steps in the right direction.
To allow recovery time from the 'work out', he was
placed back on the ventilator for the evening.

He will remain in ICU until he can breath on his own
unassisted. Once patients are free of 'ventilator'
assistance, they are moved out of ICU.

Reminder: visiting hours are from
8:30 AM to 7:00 PM and 8:30 PM to 7:00 AM
Daniel is in room 220.

Thanks for the many compliments regarding
this blog. Understandably, many of you have
demanding work and family schedules and your
only contact with Daniel has been through this
blog. The family appreciates your comments
and support. Gracias

More 'Breaking News' *******
Sunday, Danielito's futbol team, Temecula Hawks,
advanced to the Championship game with the
FC Heat from Escondido.
The tournament was the Poway Country Shootout,
Boys Under 11 Division. Game summary:
Regulation time score was: 0 -0
First extra time score: 0 - 0 .
Second extra time score: 0 - 0.....
So, it was on to penalty kicks. Is this exciting, or what?
Danielito and the Hawks win the game 3 -0 !!!!!!
Green Gold Champions for 2009!!
Danielito's team mates allowed him to bring the
Championship Trophy to show his dad. The trophy
will be in Daniel's room for the next few days.
Can you imagine Daniel's pride when he sees this!
Congratulations Danielito! We're so proud of you!


Susanna and Samantha Galvez
John John Gonzalez
Victor Donez
Lucio CabaƱas
Luis and Socorro Vega
Enrique Flores Sr.
Enrique Flores
Fernando and Sarah Vega
Alissa, Lil' Fern, and Julianna Vega
Jose Maria Morelos
Ron & Sandra Van Damme
Olivia, Reyna, and Natalia Van Damme*
*Olivia & Olivia Vega best friends since
3rd grade at UC Riverside elementary
Bonnie Vega
Chico Mendez
Fernando Vega (Grandpa Fern)
Roberto and Olga Chavez


  1. I have known Daniel Vega and their family since I was nine years old (3rd grade). Not only am I more than honored to say I am bestfriends with his beautiful daughter Olivia Mia, but I'm honored to say I know the whole family, including the extensive family, aunts, uncles, cousins, and the like. Daniel is a fun genuine caring man. He is an awesome husband and an amazing dad. His life is so full of adventure and prosperity. Daniel definately was a great role model for me growing up, even though I never really looked at it like that until now. Daniel is always such a great friend to all of our family. He always promotes peace and meditated quarrels that Olivia and I would occasionally have. His love for his family is indescribable. His strength through different situations is like one of a rock-solid and firm standing. I know he will get through this struggle with the strength of God, family support and prayer. Visting today was not traumatizing or sorrowful but helped to show me how much love is in this family and how much faith and hope they have for him. He is in my prayers and will always have a special place in my heart. Knowing Daniel for seven years has been amazing and I'm still very excited to know him for longer even.
    Much <3,
    Olivia Van Damme

  2. I first met Daniel about four years ago when he started at RCC Norco Campus. He immediately struck me as a go getter type who sincerely cared about students but raza students in particular. When we had a full-time opening, in the final interview, I recall the college president speaking highly of Daniel and how I told her that he was the guy that I wanted us to hire. Two things stood out for me then and now. He was and is one proud Chicano who has made me laugh and he is a passionate and energetic counselor and human being. His office is next door to mine and I miss him. Many of us on campus are rooting for Daniel's recovery and many faculty and adminstrators have donated sick time to him. A number of classified staff wanted to donate their sick time but were unable to since Daniel is faculty. A number of students have asked about Daniel as well. Recently, we had an Azteca dance group perform on campus and their danza was dedicated to Daniel. Daniel, you would have been proud! To the Vega Familia, I am inspired by the AMOR and spirit that I have read in this blog. Daniel and Cathy are truly blessed. Continue with the informative updates and I look forward to having Daniel back.
    A colleague y amigo, David Payan