Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday May 26, 2009
Day 28

If you lose hope, somehow you lose
the vitality that keeps life moving,
you lose that courage to be, that quality
that helps you go on in spite of it all.
And so today I still have a dream.
~ Martin Luther King Jr.

***Please check this post several times
today, as it will be updated.***********

9:00 AM - Daniel had another restful night, no
complications. His breathing has improved
to the point that he won't need the ventilator,
except in case of an emergency!!
Does this kid have heart or what?!! We are
witnessing a courageous display of the
'human spirit' , tenacity, an inspiring
'will to survive'!

Dawn informs us this morning that Daniel
moved his left arm, from a position at his side,
up and over, so that it rested on his chest!!
He did this on his own! There was no pressure
stimuli applied to provoke this movement.
Daniel is fighting, he is showing a desire to
overcome, to come back, to shake off all the
effects of the trauma, surgery, and sedation.
This is new and encouraging, as it changes the
early assessment made of his level of
consciousness. Approximately 25 days ago, the
estimate for Daniel was very low, given a number
just above 3 on the Glasgow Coma Scale. This is a
standarized system that has a range of zero to 15.
The score of 15 indicates no impairment.
The degree of consciousness is assessed numerically
by the best response using three factors:
amount of eye opening, verbal responsiveness,
and motor responsiveness.
The results may be plotted on a graph to provide
a visual representation of the improvement, stability,
or deterioration of a patient's level of consciousness,
which is crucial to predicting the eventual outcome.
Daniels new assessment is 9 !!!
Go Daniel! Go Daniel! Go Daniel!
The progress is ever so slow. Very slow progress
each day with no signs of regression.

11:30 AM Dawn reports that Daniel will be
fitted for a protective helmet today as the
plan is to get him seated in a chair for an hour

at a time. This will probably be tomorrow.
Daniel is also scheduled for physical therapy,
time to get his muscle tone and flexibility back.
This will start tomorrow! Another positive
step that energizes our hopes.


The following letter is from Margarita Vega to the Vega Family
Tuesday, May 26, 2009

From: Tia Mago
To: Family

Thank you for your support and prayers through this
difficult time.
We have been dealing with some stressful issues and your
consideration and assistance has enabled us to carry on
with dignity.
I know Alfredito, Ariana, Adan, lil' Fern, Julianna, Yvonne
and other nephews/nieces love their Tio Daniel very much
and want to see him. Until it is possible, I ask you to pray
at night for God to send his angels in the form of his
nurses and doctors and others who take care of him and
in the morning give thanks to God for another day full of


We have to contend with a hospital visiting regulation that

prohibits visitors under16 yrs. An exception has
been made for Daniel's children.
Fern's daughter Alissa was also allowed to visit because
she is part of a youth prayer group in oceanside that has
been praying for Daniel. Thank you Alissa for keeping them
informed. Please thank everyone on my behalf.

All I ask of you is that you love each other, and be
not just cousins, but best friends like your parents
are to Tio Daniel.

Love you

Tia Mago


Oscar and Jessica Vega
Oscar Vega (Chula Vista)
Bonnie Vega
Big Fern Vega
Ricardo Flores Magon
Enrique Flores Magon
Victor Velasquez
Chuy Miranda


  1. The level of improvement in just 48 hours is amazing! It truly is a testiment to Daniel's will and the love and strength he feels from everyone.
    ~ Sarah Vega (Nando & Lola)

  2. We are neighbors of Dan and Cathy. We wave and smile at the mailbox. Two different family lives, touched only by geography. But more, really. We do care about our neighbors. Dan and Cathy are beautiful, their smiles warm my heart. I love the pictures they send in their Christmas cards. As our neighbors, we feel they are a part of us. We believe what Jesus said about caring for our neighbors in his "good Samaritan" story. So...all this to say we care about Dan, his recovery, and his family. Since we heard last week, we pray every night for his recovery and restoration to his family. Today we asked our small group at church to pray for them. I am available to make a meal, watch the younger kids, drive to hospital, or school, shop...whatever is needed. Please feel free to call me 760 742 3982.

    Nancy Walker (and Robert)
    Couser Way

  3. Dear Nancy,

    Thanks for your kind thoughts. I am grateful that you are there for Cathy and Daniel. I look forward to making your acquaintance.