Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shifting to Prayer

Today they replaced a tube that had been going into Daniel's neck with an I.V. that goes through his arm to avoid infection. This new, clean tube, along with the new pouches and bags full of fluids can go much longer without having to be changed. Everything has to go right, and so far everything has. For example, before the nurse removed the older tubing, Daniel went in for x-rays to be sure the newer tube was placed correctly. Later on, Alfredo was there to lend a hand and hold Daniel's head still while the nurse made some final adjustments. Also there to lend a hand was Alex Cabrera who led us in prayer over Daniel. Our nurse joined in and I hear that the night shift nurse also likes to join the prayer circle. Trust me they aren't doing because it is part of their job description. Thank you to our family from Tijuana, who Daniel so loves: Tio Guillermo, Tia Juanita, Enrique, Oscar, Sylvia, Victor (my tocayo or namesake)and Marcos; their faith is especially strong. We've had some interesting conversations about faith, hope and love. I am most certainly checking in with God, and have found inspiration in the Bible. On behalf of Daniel and Cathy: thank you all for your prayers. I believe this is the greatest support we can give.

I'd also like to thank Oscar (a.k.a. pilon) he's always good for excellent sandwiches and other good stuff like homemade salsa from homegrown ingredients. And, Tia Chela and Chelita that brought in the most excellent burritos de carne y frijoles, and some hot coffee. Somehow this food also feeds our collective soul.


  1. lol thanks primo that pilon thing cheered me up :) his food is really good

  2. We are praying for you Daniel.
    I know I only met you once, so There's not much I can say.
    But we are praying you pull through..

  3. We are praying for you Daniel, you are a tough guy and you can get through this. We love you.

  4. Praying for your recovery Daniel... I really like that we have this site to come and see updates, read stories, see pictures, and videos. Cathy stay strong honey... and know we are all with you! I love you all...

  5. Thanks for the constant updates, cuz. It looks like Daniel is right on track with everything. I'm so glad that you all have so much support; we have such an awesome family!!! We have been and will continue praying for a full recovery that gives us back the same ole Daniel we have known and loved!

  6. Victor y Margarita:
    Apenas hoy nos enteramos... les mandamos un gran abrazo y nuestras oraciones por ustedes, la esposa y los niños.

    Con afecto

    Primo Ricardo Ochoa Vega