Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cathy in Good Spirits

Today Cathy was in good spirits after she spoke with Dr. Lawrie the pulminologist. This is the doctor that directs the nurses at Sharp that are caring for Daniel. According to Dan's nurse he is the best of the best, and Cathy's mood after speaking with him seemed to confirm that he is hopeful and compassionate. He explained that Daniel was going need a trachiotomy, which is a procedure to move the breathing aparatus from his mouth to one that is inserted through his neck. Daniel can breathe on his own because his brain-stem is intact, but when he breathes over the machine (on his own) it throws the whole system of his care off balance. Daniel gets insulun to keep his blood sugar low, and is under heavy sedation. The sedation helps to keep Daniel in a state of equilibrium, or rest. In addition to the trachiotomy, Daniel will also get a peg tube through his abdomen for feeding. Sounds like all this will take place on Tuesday; so on Wednesday we'll be able to see Daniel's wonderful face relatively unobstructed.

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  1. This is greatly uplifting! Thank you for the constant updates Victor! We shall continue praying for his speedy recovery! :) God Bless you Daniel, Cathy and family!