Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fund for Cathy and Daniel

The following post is a message from Cathy's sister, Jennifer Alvarez. This is a revision of an earlier post. Sorry for the confusion. Please donate if you can.

Dear Friends & Family,

For those of you who do not know, on April 29th, my 34 year-old brother-in-law Daniel Vega suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm that resulted in severe hemorrhaging. Daniel has had three brain surgeries, is in critical care and has not yet regained consciousness. Daniel is my brother-in-law through his marriage to my sister Cathy -- technically we are stepsisters as her father is married to my mother, but we have been a family since we were 2 years old; she & I are only 5 months apart in age.

Cathy & Daniel have been together since they were teenagers and have three beautiful children: my niece Olivia will be 16 in June, Daniel Jr. is 10 and Nayeli is 7. There is no way to comprehend what my sister is experiencing right now -- nothing in life could ever prepare us for such a tragedy and we are trying to do everything we can to support her. While prayer for Daniel's recovery is the most important thing we can ask for, unfortunately Cathy & Daniel are facing financial challenges as well.

Daniel's contract as a college counselor & teacher is up for renewal in June, making his employment status uncertain. While the Director of Human Resources is working carefully with Cathy to assist in lengthening his compensation as long as possible, the future is unknown. For those of you that know Daniel, you are aware of what an an honorable father, husband, brother, uncle, cousin & friend he is. He has a huge heart, is truly committed to his family & friends, and even extends this care & concern to strangers. Last year Daniel risked his own life to donate bone marrow to a teenage girl he did not know; she needed the life-saving transplant to treat her leukemia.

Let's learn from Daniel's example and help his family during this most difficult time. It is our goal to help lessen the financial burden as much as possible so Cathy can focus on his recovery and caring for their children. For this reason we have started a fund to help provide financial support while Daniel is recovering. We realize that things are difficult for many people these days, but ask if you have the ability to help, that you would consider sending a donation. There is no amount too small and every dollar will be so greatly appreciated. Please pass this request on to your friends & family as you see fit.

If you are able, please write your check to the "Daniel Vega Family Fund" and mail it to the following:

Jennifer Alvarez
c/o KPT, LLC
2275 W. 190th Street, Suite 201
Torrance, CA 90504

Your generosity is so greatly appreciated in advance. Feel free to contact me with any questions. May God bless you & your families.


Jennifer Alvarez

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  1. Jennifer, thank you for setting up this fund for Daniel and Cathy and for this message you have sent to family and friends. I know how important this is and would like to contribute to the fund.

    -Norma Flores