Friday, May 29, 2009

Some light humor courtesy of Daniel...

Quien es Pancho Pantera?

With all the recent good vibes we are getting from Daniel’s road to recovery, I thought I would lighten the mood with some Daniel humor.
A couple of days ago, I was driving to Fredo’s shop from my pad in SD, and I began to think what I would say to Daniel to make him laugh, when, not if, but when he regains consciousness. What came to mind as soon as I posed myself that question was; Quien es Pancho Pantera? (Who is Pancho Pantera?)
Some of you, (Fernandito,Lito, John Esco, & Adrian G for sure) know exactly what I’m talking about. Many moons ago, Daniel and I were in the process of receiving our Mexican citizenship and becoming dual citizens, when he gave me his “Pancho Pantera” quiz. The idea is that any respectable Mexicano would know who Pancho Pantera is, right? He has been around since the 50’s, so you have to know who he is…that would be like a U.S. citizen not knowing who Ronald McDonald is. Daniel though the Consulado Mexicano should ask any person wishing to become a Mexican Citizen the Pancho Pantera question. It would be the question right after the applicant had to recite the Mexican National Anthem.

At the time it made perfect sense to me, and come to think of it, it still does! So pay attention Consulado Mexicano!!!

Okay...back to the story...So a couple of us were hanging out one day, and once Daniel had me alone, he went ahead and said… “Dude, let’s see que tan Mexicano eres, quien es Pancho Pantera? If you don’t know this, then your Mexican citizenship should be revoked!” He jokingly said.
Me: (After some time to think, he cought me completely off guard) “Es el pinche chokomeel!”

Daniel: “Ahhh dude, it took you a while to answer, I really didn’t think you would get it!” As he laughed at me.

He then turned to me and said “Dude, don’t say anything!” and then he proceeded to ask two more of our homies the same question; “ Haber guey, quien es Pancho Pantera?”

Fella's, I won’t put you on blast. Obviously, they did not know who Pancho Pantera was, and so Daniel and I, were free to poke fun at them for not knowing who he was.

Daniel added: "Ahh, dude you don't know whatz up, with Pancho Pantera"
I am positive Daniel went on to ask many of you, the same question; Quien es Pancho Pantera?
For those of you who are still wondering who Pancho Pantera is, here is your brief history lesson for today:
In 1928 the Proctor & Gamble Company (of Mexico) developed the first milk modifier to add supplemental vitamins and minerals to milk for Mexican children. The supplement came in the form of chocolate powder and the result was the product was called “Choco-Milk”. However, the Mexican people find it awkward to pronounce the letter “k” in the word “milk” and so they just don’t bother. “Choco-Milk” is pronounced “choko-MEEL” and is written everywhere except on the Choco-Milk package as “chocomíl”. An animated character named Pancho Pantera was created in the 1950's to promote nutritional needs and awareness and to advertise Choco Milk. Over the years Pancho Pantera has evolved from a simple country boy in a straw hat to a sporty modern youth. The word "pantera" means "panther" and you can see the emblem of a black panther on Pancho Pantera's chest.”

My request is this: whoever is with him when he regains consciousness please ask Daniel the following: “Oye Daniel, Chuy quiere que te pregunte quien es Pancho Pantera?”

I hope this brought a smile to you, as it does to me, every time I remember Daniel asking me "Quien es Pancho Pantera?"




  1. OMG Chey... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITTING THIS STORY. I was cracking up the WHOLE time I was reading this, Yes I knew who Pancho Pantra was befroe you said it... and I agree every Mexican should know that answer. Once again thanks for the laugh!
    Love you ALL!
    Elvia Vega

  2. Thanks Chuy! I remember seeing you when all of us Vega bro's went to the Mexican Consulate in SD to get our citezenship...Daniel has a great sense of humor and I hope to see hime smile soon.


  3. Thanks to my Tio Lalo (aka -choko meel maker champion of the world) I was easily able to answer the Pancho Pantera question.


  4. Jesus
    That was a great day.I remember it very well. I also remember you both as children at el Jefe's playing under the Pepper Tree. You are a great brother to him. Thank you for helping him get better.

    El Nando

    P.S. Daniel named one of his fist Family pets a Guinea Pig, "Choco Meel"

  5. ji ji ji This mos def brought a smile to my face...Choko-meel...ahh sweet story, Chuy! Thanks for bringing the smiles.