Monday, May 11, 2009

Good News

Good news! The vasospasms have subsided; they have decreased for two days in a row, so the risky operation to insert a balloon may not be necessary afterall. Also, Daniel's eyes began dilating somewhat. To check for this, the nurse uses her fingers to gently open Daniel's eyes, and then she shines a light into them. Cathy has been learning some excercises from the occupational therapist working with Daniel. They have to excercise his arms and legs to keep him flexible and fit. Daniel wears different kinds of leggings and "shoes" for support; these also keep him from developing a different posture.

As of 7pm, Cathy was waiting for word on some tests to check for ulcers. Apparently, he has had some acid build-up due to not other words, he gets his nutrition though an I.V.

Nayeli (Daniel and Cathy's youngest, 7yrs.) is a little sick, but other than that the kids are great.
Thanks for checking in...I will try to be more timely with my updates. VV


  1. Victor,
    Your doing great with this! I left Daniel last night around 9:30pm and he looked better than he has in the last week. The dude nurse did mentioned Daniel was breathing on his own and he was giving him medicine for the stomach issues. I can feel my friend, big brother and consilary still fighting and that makes me hopeful he will return to us sometime soon.

  2. Daniel is a fighter and he will win this... keeping him and his family in my thoughts and prayers.

    Victor, thank you for these updates they mean everything.

    Cathy, you stay positive and strong... you are doing wonderful so far and I believe that he will be better before you know it.

    Take care everyone,