Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shunt Procedure Next

The following is a message from Cathy:

17 day’s in Daniel is still resting, now we are able to see his face without all those tubes which is really nice. I was able to clean him up as best as I could. Next week he will be facing a shunt surgery. Excess spinal fluid needs to be diverted into his stomach. Dr. said this is a routine surgery and necessary as far as Daniels condition. This shunt is long-term and will need to be checked every so often. Doppler tests show Mild vasospasm is still present on Daniel’s left side and severe on his right side. But, there are no new areas that are dead which is good news. Current condition as of today still critical.

Many thanks to Jerry and Esperanza for donating to the cause. Thanks to all the soccer mom’s on Nayeli’s and Daniel’s Hawks teams for all the many different gift cards that Cathy has received. Very much appreciated. Thanks to Irene for the Sees candies that I ate in a day with a few helpers! Ken Gonzalez, once again thanks for the movie passes! If only I could tell Daniel the amount of love he has received through this difficult time he would probably say “What no way, really!”

Sal highly reccomends this website from Wake Forest University. The link has an animation of the shunt procedure.

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