Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday June 1, 2009
Day 34

It is 9:00 am and although Daniel had a difficult day
yesterday with elevated heart rates and fever, it appears
his heart rate has returned to normal and the fever has
declined. His neurosurgeon was in yesterday to adjust the
shunt flow to stabilize the accumulation of cerebro-spinal
fluid near the brain. This does not require surgery. The
shunt is under the skin and can be adjusted by placing an
electronic remote near the device. High tech. Daniel's
nurse just reported that he had another episode of heart
rate fluctuations last night, but it is under control this
morning. Also, Daniel's neurosurgeon is coming in this
morning to make another small adjustment on the shunt.

Daniel looks normal in the sense that he looks like he is
taking a short nap. He is still unconscious. His eyes are wide
open this morning and appear normal. He blinks a lot, then
gives a pretty healthy yawn.

If I may speak for all that were here yesterday, we were
apprehensive about the high heart rate, the fever, and the
feeling that Daniel was not tranquil and was not having the
best of days since leaving the SICU. We are waiting for the
pulmonary specialist to come in this morning to ask him/her
about Daniel's symptoms of bronchitis. Very relieved this
morning that all his vital signs are back to normal.
Will post more info later. Well, June gloom is here. Heavy
marine layer, result of the cold ocean current.
Take care of one another......
Victor, Margarita, and Cristina Vega ~ Cathy ~
Luis Vega Sr. ~ Luisito Vega ~ Chano Rodriguez



  1. Thank you for keeping us posted...
    Daniel you (and your family) are in our thoughts and prayers...
    Sal Soto
    Counselor RCC

  2. Hey Sal,

    Thanks for all your great updates. Read them everyday--whether new or old I read them two or three times a day. Gracias to you and Victor. I'll be driving down soon from Colorado to see my Negro. Let him know I'll be there by the 8th of this month once I'm done w/ this summer class. Got some good stories to tell him.

    I already failed three students. Following Daniel's advice when it comes to lazy students: @#!* them!! I have since raised the bar for my courses thanks to the work ethic and zest for life of my good friend.

    You all take care,

    John Escobedo

  3. Hey Juanito!
    You made my day hombre. Thanks for the compliments and for the post. Look forward to seeing you on the 8th, I'll warn Daniel that the radical Professor will be in the house! Regards to Maria.
    Hasta luego, hombre.

  4. Hey,

    How ironic. Both you and Daniel used to be the lazy students failing the class now you guys are failing the lazy students.

    Looking foward to seeing you again.


  5. Thanks Sal. I'll be there to keep those nurses in check.

    Shit Mando, folk don't need to know about our past academic "adventures." We were good students, saints if you ask me--preguntale a Sal. He was the mad scientist behind our success. Maybe the only crazy counselor willing to take us on.

    see you soon,


  6. I just wanted to share a song that I've been listening to as I think about my primito.

    I hope this link works:

    Please follow the lyrics and listen to the song. Eventhough it may have a diffent meaning, I'm applying them to what we are enduring now.

    "For the end is not this chaos our goal is clear"

    Daniel: "The battle in your soul is the one that matters most. Stay strong, Young Revolutionary!"

    Love your Cuz,


  7. Honestly, I think if you put all three of our gpa's together from Palomar College (Daniel,John and me) you would not get over a 1.0. we were horrible students and were not prepared to succeed. We were just continuing our way of being from high school/continuation.

    A couple of years later at MiraCosta, it was a different story. We learned how to be better students,we had more resources (Sal) plus more importantly we had each other and we wanted it more.



  8. Now we're talking. I love the comments...lots o love!

  9. Hey Mando, 'perceptions' man, all perceptions. See, you saw these guys as vatos locos, that's the image they projected to be cool, man. But, underneath, it was academics,man! They started most of the clubs on know, like Save the Whales, the MCC Choir, the Math club. They were serving food to the homeless every Sunday at Brother Benno's. Chuy can verify all this, man.
    Irene, Big Mountain, are they from San Diego? Listened to the song on YouTube.
    Chuy, all you guys have a chemistry, not since duplicated anywhere on the planet!
    The motto back then was 'Don't let school interfere with your education', you 'member.
    Smoke and mirrors-Huitzilopochtli

  10. Hey Sal:
    What? You didn't reference Wikipedia? Yes, they are from SD.

    By the way, I guess you can't click on the link so, copy and paste in your browser.

    Take care. Irene

  11. Daniel, John, Chuy, Adrian ...I am proud of all you guys for your academic achievements.
    I was just saying that you guys have come a long way from High School/Palomar years. From traviesos to professors, counselors, mandilones etc..


  12. Brain power and Chicano Power!

    You vatos got highly evolved brains and I've noted that special chemistry that bound you Chicano Intellectuals forever, sort of like Chicano Beats ahead of your time.

    A Mayan is a terrible thing to waste! or an Aztec for that matter. This all bodes very well for my youngest bro.

  13. You can click on the link in the upper right hand corner to hear the song Irene recommends...Irie.

  14. Mando,

    just messing w/ you man. You know us better than most folk. Shit, you can probably black mail me and all the rest of us to keep them stories top secret. And by stories, I do mean choir boy like stuff--haha.

    Ferndog was in the mix too!!!

    Whats up w/ the Sanch at the Ranch: where my boys at!!!


  15. John,

    I know you are messing.

    Don't worry your secrets are safe with me. Not even waterboarding will make me spill the beans.