Saturday, June 27, 2009

At Kindred

At 7pm it will be 12 hours Daniel has excercized his lungs and breathed on his own. The RT--Anthony-- says that tomorrow this will be increased to 14 hours, then 16 the next day, increasing his independent breathing time by 2hrs each day until he can do it for 24 hrs on his own. At the 18 hour mark he may get the green light to jump to 24 hours of indpendent breathing.

Right now Daniel is relaxing listening to Manu Chao. Daniel perks up to sudden noises. When Alfredo arrived at 6pm Daniel sighed happily and his eyes tracked Fredo's voice and movements.

Man Kindred has a homey as in kin kind of feel that belies its corporate, service oriented success. Kindred was #1 on Fortune's The World's Most Admired Companies in the category of Health Care Medical Facilities. 9 criteria are used to rank the most notable companies including innovation,quality of products and social responsibility. Kindred is situated in North Park,and Kindred's nursing staff mirrors the diversty of the community it serves. There are liasons that are active in the community and that assist families in planning for the care of their loved ones.

Kindred is a long term acute care facility: How will we use the resources available to us here at Kindred to plan for Daniel's future?

Thank you to all for your generosity and love. Thanks to the support of friends and family Daniel is still fighting. It is now 8pm and Daniel has been breathing on his own for 13 hrs, again exceeding expectations.

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