Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday June 6, 2009
Day 39

The days and nights pass. Daniel's neurosurgeon
watches and looks for signs of any slight change in his
responsiveness. There are moments when he has the
appearance of trying to discern what is being said or
who it is that is looking into his eyes. Like being
trapped in a dream that he wants to end but can't seem
to break through. He has been off sedative and pain
medication for approximately two weeks. He still
responds to the pressure stimuli on his finger or foot,
he moves his arm or leg in each instance.

Daniel has not had to deal with the myriad of things
that can affect a sedentary existence. All organs are
functioning well. Except for the occasional fluctuating
heart rate, his blood pressure is good and his pulse
ranges from the low 70's up to the 90's. His color
remains good and he still has the ability to open his
eyes frequently. We're hoping that this period of
relative stability is providing the optimum conditions
for even the slightest response that will open the
door to eventual consciousness.
Daniel is still here at Sharp and should be here on
Monday. However, it looks like he will be transferred
to the Coronado Acute Care facility late Monday or
early Tuesday. Cathy and Margarita have visited
that center and several others that have been approved
by the insurance company. The Villa Pomerado option
is still on the table pending an opening. Daniel is on a
wait list there.

Chuy Miranda brought plenty of CD's with a variety of
music that will reach into the recesses of Daniel's

Take care of one another......


Cathy ~ Danielito ~ Nayeli ~Nando, Sarah, and Lola Vega
John Reed ~Victor y Carmen ~ Adan ~ Ariana ~ Anahi Vega
Griselda y Rick Nelson ~ Frederick Douglas ~


  1. Hey Sal,

    can you give me your e-mail. I have a post for the blog. Would like you to read it first. Don't know if its appropriate.

    J. Escobedo

  2. Sal,

    Dont worry I talked to John already and I will post his comments for him


    Ps. I will bring Daniel more cd's pn Sunday.

  3. Thanks Chuy. You're like a utility
    short stop! Always on your toes and on the ball.

  4. Tzal

    I was just going to ask you to talk to Fredrick about stopping by.

    El Nando

  5. Nando, Fredrick has been a bit indisposed for some time now. Sends his regards to one and all and a speedy recover to Daniel.