Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday June 16, Day 49

Daniel has been sleeping for longer periods of time since yesterday. He opened his eyes for a little while early this morning. Nothing to be worried about since his vitals are normal today. He also breathed on his own for 90 minutes--off the ventilator. During this period, however, Daniel went through a light "storm": increased heart rate and heavy sweats. He is doing much better now. Arms, wrist, and hands are relaxed thanks to Cathy's massages. Daniel looks good.

Tests for infection due to ventilator connection are negative. Nurses will continue to monitor and control "colonized bacteria" from developing into infections. In the clear right now. Other possible good news for this week is the possibility of placing the "flap" back on to Daniel's skull. Meaning, the bone portion that was removed from Daniel's skull will be put back in place to cover the brain. This would require, of course, surgery in the next couple of days. However, the doctor has not mentioned any dates as of when this procedure would take place.

Doctor will be coming in sometime later today to look over Daniel's chart and maybe decide on a date for the surgery. Will update everyone once I know the specifics.



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  1. Thanks John for the update. That is good news about the bone flap. Daniel MUST enjoy your company, as he always has whenever you come down from Colorado...last time Olivia drove him into town, que no?

    Happy Birthday Olivia! Your Dad loves you and he is very proud of you.