Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Common Purpose...

We all do what we feel is proper for the common purpose of supporting Daniel, Cathy, their children, his family and friends, in these times of dealing with sadness, fear, hope, and the frustrations of medical unknowns and greedy insurance companies.

Whatever works for us as individuals to help cope with all these array of emotions, is what is “real” and “right” to us. As human beings on this planet we all have earned the right to choose the means by which we express our spirituality and there should be no judgment casted on anyone who differs from your own chosen method. Trust me; Daniel would not want it that way. Instead we should embrace and respect each other’s individuality and remind ourselves of our common goal; to provide our continual support and hope for Daniel’s recovery.

Daniel’s blog serves not only to keep us up to date with all the recent news of his condition, it also provides a therapeutic means for us to share our fond memories of Daniel, our bond with him, learning experiences with him, struggles we overcame together, his influence on our lives, or anything that ties us to him in some way. Whatever it may be, it is more than okay, because it comes from a place of love.

I highly encourage all of you to keep doing your vital part in this process, whether it is praying for Daniel to Allah, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Coatlicue (aka.. La Virgen de Guadalupe) etc… or reading scripture in the bible, Koran, or whatever it is you have chosen to believe in, please continue to keep Daniel in your thoughts and prayers. If you have contributed to Daniel’s blog, keep it coming, and if you have thought about it, but have yet to exercise your awesome blogging skills, don’t be hesitant, your words are just as important as the rest of ours. If you visit him daily, weekly, or monthly, just keep coming to see him whenever you can, everything we all do matters.

In solidarity,

Jesus “Chuy” Miranda


  1. Chuy,

    Beautifully written…. I think it is important to emphasize that this blog is for family and friends to support one another.

    We keep hope alive for Daniel, we pray for him in our own way, and most of all we remember Daniels' strength by reliving the memories we had with him.

    John: Your story was beautiful, touching, and proof of Daniel's ability to overcome anything.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Much Love,


  2. Chuy,

    Your writing is beautiful and timely. This blog is also about healing ourselves. We are all in some sort of recovery, it is part of our human condition. Finding ways to help is very therapeutic for me...I am so grateful for those who continue to serve and support Cathy. Thank God for her wonderful health. She has been so resilient, never have I heard her ask why me? She perseveres and she manages with such grace and humility.


  3. Please excuse my late response to your post.

    I have been driving from Colorado to California for the past two days now to see my sister graduate and stand by my buddy’s side. It usually only takes me one day to accomplish this trip, but this voyage proved to be very different in many respects.

    See, I knew this particular drive to California was going to be very frustrating. I’ve been dealing with a lot guilt since I left Daniel’s side back in April. Work. From the get go, it felt as though my car could not go fast enough and the asphalt itself was trying to slow me down. Nothing was going right, so I stopped to gather myself. I just stood there. Had no idea what the hell I was waiting for. Just sat there. All of a sudden, I apologized to Daniel—really don’t know why. I just did. And you know what, it felt good. I relaxed and asked myself: What would Vega do?

    He would enjoy this beautiful drive and take advantage of sharing this experience with his kids. That’s just what I did. We took in the enormity of the Rocky Mountains. Absorbed all the scenery. Took countless photos of seasonal cascades from the snow run off, enjoyed the wild animal life, marveled at the vastness of the many canyons in Colorado and Utah, and felt the quiet rumble of the powerful Colorado River. Witnessed the quiet majestic down pours that gave life to an other wise barren Nevada desert. Thoroughly enjoyed this road trip with my kids.

    Don’t know what caused this sudden change in me. Frustration turned into a quiet, soothing joy. Was this Gods work? Did I connect with Daniel’s positive vibes as he rests from afar? Don’t have an answer for you. But something spiritual happened during this long journey. I do believe in a higher power—I can assure you of that.

    So please, accept my apologies for not including a prayer here and there. Did not mean to offend anyone. Especially a family member. No worries though. I am not offended or disturbed by your post. That’s what I enjoy about the Vega clan: their honesty and passion to speak their mind. Will always accept that trait from this wonderful family. However, I would like to ask for a little tolerance and understanding when it comes to these blogs. I would like to express myself as I see fit. I think Daniel would agree.

    As always, I will keep my prayers for Cathy, Olivia, Danielito, Nayeli, and family private. My support and love for Daniel will always be public.

    John Lopez Escobedo

  4. John

    I did not know what all the fuss was about. So after your reading your post today I re read your Blog entry and comments. The person that posted the demand for a theological preamble to all tributes is not part of the Vega clan trust me. We are all totally cool. Some fu.. head cruisin the net decided to try to place a wedge between all of us. Daniel is personally and professionally down with all people of any religion. Daniel does not need his cranales, you included, to validate every story with theology..never. So everyone needs to trust that an imposter coward that does not post a name is posing as Daniels friend. This is a person, probably and angry educator, cruisin the web and trying to fu.. with our game, nothing more. We all remain united. People from all backrounds and beliefs.

    p.s.I challenge the Coward Clown to show his/her face and stand behind his/her words

    El Pin.. Nando

  5. John,

    Don't trip over the bad comments. Your post was great and appropriate for the blog. Great story of the "Ranch" and I liked how you also refrenced "el huevo". Thats funny. Daniel would love that post. I hope someone read it to him.