Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dear RCC-Norco and RCC District...

(I am posting this at Cathy's request)

Dear RCC-Norco and Riverside Community College District,

There might be some misinformation about this, so I would like to clarify the following: The Riverside Community College District has not severed Daniel’s contract, on the contrary the RCCD family are contributing their sick time to Daniel. The sick time from RCCD faculty is being accrued by Human Resources and placed in for Daniel to use.

I am deeply grateful to all of the caring people at the RCC-Norco Campus and the Riverside Community College District who have assisted me with Daniel’s employment situation, and who have generously donated their sick time to Daniel.

I want you to know that Olivia, Danielito, Nayelli, and I, are deeply touched by all of your well wishes and donations. All of you, along with the many other people who have made donations to our family, are making it possible for us to continue to care for Daniel, rather than having to focus on our finances, during this difficult time for our family. I know Daniel would be absolutely amazed and ever so grateful by everything all of you, are doing for us.


Cathy Vega

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