Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday June 8, 2009
Day 41

First and foremost, please don't be alarmed.
Daniel was moved from the Progressive Care Unit back to
the SICU early this morning, it may have been about
6:00 am.
I conferred with the evening nurse, the day nurse, and
Dr. Sacks in SICU to determine the reasons for the move.
Daniel was experiencing labored breathing and nausea.
The nausea lead to vomiting. An indicator related to his
pulmonary status showed a low oxygen saturation rate.

A CT scan of Daniel's lungs and head were performed this
morning. The results of the lung scan was negative in several
areas. There was no inflammation. There were no blood clots.
Any secretions that Daniel had been coughing up have not
entered the lungs.
The result of the head scan have been sent electronically to
Daniel's neurosurgeon. The doctor is due in sometime this
morning. At that time he will determine if he will do a shunt
revision (possible replacement).
A blood panel/culture came back negative.
By all evaluations done this morning, the ICV filter is doing
its job.
Daniel looks like he is handling all this with the will he has
demonstrated over the last 41 days. Again, when you
consider all that he has endured, this guy is one strong cat.
He is showing everyone here another dimension of the
human spirit! Like he is telling all the medical staff that
if they do their job he'll give them 110% of all his heart and
will power.
We've all seen a display of the highest applications of medical
science. The use of computers prompting nurses to make
entries in a hundred different areas related to the patients
health. Electronic monitoring of vital signs, body chemistry,
and oxygen parameters. Electronic and computer metering
devices controlling medications, fluids, and nutrients in
precise micro increments- with zero failure rates. Pressure
devices with computer monitoring to control the pressure
boots on Daniel's feet and ankles- this in turn being part of
the effort to keep blood pressure levels at optimum levels
combined with medications. Then there is the hospital bed
with electronic and hydraulic instruments to keep the
patient in the most comfort position to promote healing.
All this high technology blending with the human element
of highly trained doctors, nurses, and technicians. Still, you
see the use of a flashlight, a stethoscope, and the human
intervention of listening, looking, and touching to see that
everything is working and in sync.
Will update this post before 2:00 pm.

Take care of one another...........


  1. Sal,

    Tell Daniel I'll be there by tomorrow midnight. Hoping to make better time and swing by sometime late tomorrow night. See some of you then.


  2. Drive safe please. He will be here waiting. I will tell him you are coming. I saw him today. He is looking comforatable and determined to remain patient. He will be very happy to see you.


  3. Thanks Nando. Will be driving w/ my kids, so I'll be going a cool 65/70. No worries. Got my CDs for him too. Going to bring the BarrioFabuloso jamz for your brother.