Friday, June 19, 2009

Day #52 Fundraiser for Daniel

Daniel has had another restful day at Sharp. This is the third day that Daniel has had his eyes shut throughout the day. His morning nurse was so sweet and very helpful today. As soon as I stepped foot into Daniel's room, I was bombarded with doctors, resp. therapist and a case manager. Happy to speak with each one of them; here is what I have to report. Dr. Tantawaya has finally put in the order for Daniel to head into surgery this weekend. This Saturday is the day that I've been waiting for.... In the beginning Daniel had his right side (skull or bone flap) removed in order to relieve the pressure in his brain. They kept this piece inside of him on the right side of his abdomen. Now, he is ready to get it put back. Dr. Tantawaya had told me that the bone flap would not be put back for months due to the severe swelling of Daniel's brain. So, this is just one more hurdle Daniel has overcome.
Also, Daniel has not yet been placed in a skilled nursing facility at this time. I am trying to place him in a better facility (Kindrid) but, I won't here from them until Monday. I don't even know if this is even possible. Dr. Wilms (Pulmonary) has suggested this facility so, I am hoping there's a reason (I don't want to get my hopes up).
Daniel is still dealing with ups and downs of his heart-rate "storming". If you've been close to him while this is happening it is very uncomfortable to see him go through these episodes. Massaging his arms or legs seems to bring down his heart-rate sooner rather than later. I am hoping these storms will start to cease in the coming days.
Are days here at Sharp are coming to an end, If all goes smooth after his surgery he will moved by next week.
Thanks to all the visitors in the last couple of days! I plan on spending the night on Saturday to make sure all goes well. Please keep Daniel in your prayers on Saturday as he will be in Surgery.

Daniel's good friend's David and DeeDee Serrano from San Marcos, are hosting a fundraiser on be-half of Daniel. This Saturday June 20th at 6p.m. at Hensley's Elephant Pub & Grill 850 Tamarack Ave Carlsbad, Ca.



  1. Happy Fathers Day Daniel!


  2. Thank you so much to both Dee Dee and David for putting together such a successful event for their dear friend Daniel! It was a true blessing to see Daniel's friends come together to celebrate him and help support his family. May God contunie to give you both comfort and strength. God Bless!