Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday June 2, 2009
Day 35

Daniel's vital signs are stable and the heart rate fluctuations
are under control.

The doctor that ordered the sonogram of Daniel's legs
has recommended placing a small filter in a vein to stop
potential clots from traveling to the heart and lungs.
Due to the immobility of Daniels legs he is at risk of
developing a blood clot in those extremities. The filter
can be installed in 15 min. through a catheter inserted
near the groin. The vein is called the Inferior Vena Cava
and is located in the abdomen (stomach). This vein brings
blood from the lower parts of the body back to the heart.
The filter helps prevent the blood clots from blocking blood
vessels in your lungs and causing serious problems.
The procedure will be done tomorrow morning.

Daniel's health insurance company has decided that he
must be transferred to an acute nursing facility as soon
as possible. This could be as early as this Friday.
The current floor that he is on is an acute care level,
but he cannot stay here. The original plan was to transfer
him to Villa Pomerado Acute care facility next to Pomerando
Hospital in Poway. They have informed Cathy that there will
be no bed available for two weeks. There is the possibility
that he may have to go to an acute care facility in El Cajon
for two weeks. Cathy has been on the phone all day with case
managers, social workers, Greybill medical, and others
trying to keep Daniel here or find a temporary facility
closer to Fallbrook or Valley Center.

Health care in the U.S.! ......... Frustrating and irritating.
Profits before people. So many bureaucracies and levels
to deal with- insurance companies, HMO's, hospitals,
doctors, pharmaceutical companies, employee benefit plans,
funtionaries deciding who lives or dies...........
Dante would definitely have a circle in hades for all this
mindless inhumanity in his Divine Comedy!

Take care of one another.......
Cathy, Victor & Margarita and Cristina Vega
Adrian Gonzalez ~ Lito Jimenez ~ Mercedes Sosa
Raul & Yolanda Vega ~ Raul Vega III ~ Chuy Miranda
Leonard Peltier ~ Aida Barradas ~ Sylvia Abdala
Juanita Vega ~ Juanita's sister -Sylvia ~Jacobo Arbenz

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  1. Hi eveyone! I am at the hospital right now with Daniel. It is 9:15pm. Erin Daniel's night nurse says that I just missed everyone. Daniel is asleep and looks very peaceful. I feel good sitting next to him. Serene music plays through the speakers on his bed. There is a Get Well Soon banner hanging in his room and it looks like its from Danielito's class. Love it!

    The nurse is going to draw blood at the moment to check his blood sugar. I hope he wakes i.e. opens his eyes so I can talk to him...she pokes him...no response. Either he is tuckered out, or really tough. Erin says he still responds to pain...many of us have seen the finger nail pressure test nurses perform regularly.

    If you have read this far you are probably asleep by now too...goodnight to all from Dan's room at Sharp.

    Vic Man Vega