Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 24, 2009 Day 57

This is an addendum to Chuy's post this morning.

Maria and I have returned from Baja and have visited
Daniel several times in the last few days.
I want to update Chuy's post with a few items that
have transpired since this morning.

First, Daniel's breathing is not as rigorous as it was prior
to the last surgery, understandably. However, it is
expected to return to those levels exhibited prior to the
'storming' episodes. The respiratory therapist will start
a protocol with Daniel whereby he will be allowed to
breathe without the ventilator for four hours then will be
returned to ventilator assist for four hours. They will
monitor this regime for the next 10 days. A form of
interval training whereby the expected outcome will be
to build his lung capacity up to the point where he can
function without the ventilator. Daniel, we know you can
do this! The ventilator will always be attached to the
'trache' in the event of an emergency.

Daniel has had his eyes wide open during the several hours
of our visit. Very pleased to inform you that the 'storming'
episodes have stopped!! This is a very encouraging sign.

Visible observations: Daniel looks exceptionally good consider-
ing he just had the bone flap replaced last Saturday. His color
is great, his vital signs are within expected norms.

Prior to April 29, Daniel was in very good physical condition.
All the surgeries, infections, treatments, episodes has had a
debilitating toll on his stamina. Yet, he has endured.
Considering Daniel's brain and processing skills, it is safe to say
that the original trauma has left him with a quantifiable measure
of the state of coma that is borderline between severe and moderate.
That intangible called the human spirit has brought him through
57 days of extremely challenging effects on his immune system
and his physiology.
It has been no small task for the countless health professionals
that have been at his side during this perilous journey. Their
dedication to the care of patients has given all of us a deep sense
of security knowing that while we sleep Daniel is in good hands.
Medical science is pushing the boundaries of life saving techniques
and procedures, giving countless people a new lease on life.
There is an ever increasing number of case studies of individuals
with brain trauma injuries that are similar to Daniel's, that have
added to the statistical results of persons regaining consciousness.
This has been very encouraging and has renewed the hopes of
all families living with this challenge. Keep your hopes up
and keep those prayers coming.

A brief word about the how this has affected all of us.
It has been one very emotional, physical and mentally fatiguing
This has been devastating for Daniel's brothers, Alfredo,
Victor, and Nando. At best, we can observe and only try to
understand what they are experiencing. These guys are tough
and have been there for Daniel every inch of the way.
None of us can truly comprehend the effect all of this has had
on Cathy, Margarita, and Victor. The love and courage they
have demonstrated day in and day out over the last 57 days has
been exemplary and will surely carry them through many
more trials. This we have witnessed. They are exceptional people.
As relatives and friends we will continue to stand with them and
offer a shoulder to lean on when their load becomes a little
too much.

It is summer and plans may take you and your family on
long awaited vacations. Your jobs and never ending
responsibilities must come first.
Making time to visit Daniel has not gone unnoticed.
If I may speak for the immediate family, they are extremely
grateful and appreciative for the incredible support, the visits,
the donations, the prayers, the solace, and infinite acts of kindness
and love. Daniel's support team has gone above and beyond.

Take care of one another........


  1. For Dear Margarita :

    " I remember my mother's prayers ,
    and they have always followed me .

    They have clung to me all my life."

    Abraham Lincoln

  2. Sal,

    I am glad to see you made a safe return, it is nice to have you back.

  3. Chuy,
    Travel on the Gulf of California side of the peninsula (San Felipe) has been safe and secure, on the Pacific side it is risky. I don't drive at night and I stay on the toll road. We will probably be living near Ensenada as of July 1st, for 3 months, then it is back to San Felipe. It would be nice to have you and your family and Daniel and his family for Spring break next year. That should give him 10 months to get his butt in shape.
    Hope to see you soon,
    Sal and Maria

  4. Thursday

    I repleced Mom & left Daniel for the night. He is in the care of his nurse April. He finally dosed off at 8:15ish p.m. Mom belives he is establishing a sleeping pattern. Daniel looks great.
    For those who want to visit. The hours after 6:00p.m. on weekdays are what is needed. I make short visits every day. Please contact Mom and Cathy on when they could use a break as well. WE would like to establish shifts. It can be for as much time as yu want. I believe that his visitors are the light at the end of the tunnel. The touches, voices and familiar faces. It is a cool hood with Mexican and Japanese food across the street. I know it is tougher for those in North County.

    El Nando

    "Rasta man dont give up"

  5. hey it ariana + yvonne and we love you tio daniel your strong and healthy and we both know you will pull through this hard and dark time!!!!!!! (stay stronge)
    Ariana-we all love you tio daniel we all know you are a strong and a good person... you will make it through, all the family loves you and were all here to support to you...
    yvonne- hey tio i hope you can here this comment if sal or someone will read it aloud to you... i want to say that i went surfing but couldn't because i was pretending you were with us so i got nailed by every wave that came by but i dint give up just like you keep hanging on i promise you will make it through tio and when you do we should all go to the beach and surf and play soccer and ect. and be one big happy family (p.s don't worry, be happy now!!!) peace, love and happiness love yah tio and always will.