Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday June 9, 2009
Day 42

Daniel had a tranquil evening, Cathy spent the night
on the sofa bed. The nurse reports that they
have the ileus under control. No more vomiting and they
continue the 'trickle' feed of nutrients. He is still having the
heart rate fluctuations but not in the range of the
previous days, the highest this time has been around 130.
Daniel's blood pressure is very good and things seem to be
returning to the stable condition he had prior to this episode.

Will post an update later today.

Take care of one another.......

(Monday and Tuesday)
Cathy, Victor, Margarita, and Cristina
Nando Vega ~ Victor Vega II ~ Adan Vega ~ Camilo Torres


  1. To the Vega family--we just want you to know that we are praying for Dan's full recovery and restoration to his family. We have not forgotten.
    Bob & Nancy Walker, neighbors

  2. Thank you!