Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thank You Sal

My brother has been taken away temporarily from his life. In time, he will return to his life. I search for the meaning, the lessons to learn. I take comfort in the many voices of all of our loved ones, I listen when others chime in, and I love it, all of it. The harmony, the disharmony and the repair! What holds it all together? Hope, Faith and Love! These are skills as much as they are feelings. To be cultivated, to be learned. We must seek out teachers and mentors, elders if you will, for the wisdom to help us in our time of pain, and to guide us in the art of living! Sal shares such wisdom with us on the blog, and occasionally over a beer at the steakhouse. Thanks Sal for helping us with Hope for Daniel. I know Daniel will appreciate your efforts.

We are very fotunate to have Sal in our family.

Sal lives by example; he is a mentor and a friend.

I thank Sal for his dedication to Daniel, our family and our web-log community, his committment to excellence and accuracy...and for his creativity. I love the roll call with revolutionaries, and the digs at the insurance companies and private health care. Sal has written about Daniel's health--always hopeful--detailing his progress and care. He has done this all in honor of Daniel, on our behalf. Sal is "returning to his life" in San Felipe for a spell to tie up some loose ends before it gets too hot down there! Take care Sal! We'll see you and Tia when you get back!


  1. Everyday, I walk in to see my hubby, I see Sal and Chita sitting in the family room or by Daniel's side. I am thankful for their continued presence. We've had a lot of good times together at Sharp talking, laughing,eating and just spending quality time together. Thank you!

  2. Sal,

    You put some overtime at Sharp Hospital. Grateful to have you there and give us your prompt updates on Daniel. As Victor are a great mentor, friend and "perro" as Daniel would say.


  3. Props to Tio Sal and Aunt Chita!!
    Thank you so much for your support during this difficult time. On behalf of my entire family I would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your devotion to Daniel. It brings us comfort to know that someone is always there to monitor the situation and to keep us posted.
    Have fun in the sun, relax and recharge your batteries, we will hold down the fort until you guys get back.
    Peace and Love,

  4. With a heart full of love, pride, and gratitude, I too, would like to thank my mom and Sal for the daily vigil they've been keeping over my little cuz. I know how much my mom's family means to her! I'd like to give a special thanks to my stepdad, Sal, for always being so thoughtful, supportive, and loving toward my whole family, especially my mom! Sal, we couldn't have chosen a better stepdad, stepgrandpa, uncle, brother-in-law, etc. than you and I mean that from the bottom of my heart!

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