Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday June 5, 2009
Day 38

Good morning. Daniel had another peaceful night.
His vital signs are holding right in normal ranges. This
morning several physical therapists came in to assess
limits of movement, ability to sit up on edge of bed, and
the need for greater frequency of PT. The plan for today
is to get him sitting in the special chair for an hour or more.
Another CT scan of the head is scheduled for this morning.
This is to determine or measure the pressure caused by
cerebro-spinal fluid, the result will indicate if the shunt is
correctly adjusted. Achieving the correct amount of pressure
will affect Daniel's responsiveness positively.

Daniel can still open his eyes and looks good under the
circumstances. 'Calm, dark, and handsome.'
He is absorbing the Marley vibes all day. Time for some
variety.....maybe Santana, War, Manu Chao, or RATM.
Whatever you want to bring, someone will make sure
it soothes his mind and body with healing rhythms.

Short comment on all the TLC that has filled Daniel's
cup to overflowing. We've been here to observe all the
love showered on Danielito's hero. I can only mention a
few anecdotes as any attempt to include the infinite acts
of love would be impossible. Friends and family
massaging his hands-arms-toes, cousins applying lip
gloss, friends damping the perspiration off his brow,
brothers adjusting the wrist & hand braces, uncles
giving him a shave, songs from a brother, a manicure,
nephews/nieces holding his hand with tears of love,
encouraging words from co-workers to fight on,
Tia keeping the nurses alert to linen, hoses, strange
beeping sounds..........
Cathy, Victor and Margarita can see and feel the depth
of love and support given by all that have the time to
make the trip down here. From afar, they are moved
by the the cards, hopes, prayers, emails, contributions,
and concern expressed for Daniell and his family.
Messages from Dublin, CA and as far south as Colombia.

The expected move to one of several acute nursing
facilities is still to be determined. Cathy & Margarita have
almost exhausted all options to keep Daniel here at
Sharp. They are dealing with one of the many injustices
of a profit driven health care system.

Coincidentally, health care corporations and lobbyists are
holding their annual convention this week here in San Diego.
Protesters are outside the convention center calling for
replacing the private insurance market with a single-payer
system similar to England, France, Canada, & other European
industrialized nations.

Daniel has just returned from his CT scan. The results may
be available as early as this afternoon. Will keep you

UPDATE: 2:15 pm, Friday. The radiologist has read the
CT scan and has reported that there has been no change
from the last scan. The pressure reading will be given to
Daniel's neurosurgeon to decide if the shunt should be
adjusted, he is fine tuning it to give Daniel the optimum
conditions for regaining consciousness.

Take care of one another.....


Victor and Alfredo Vega (late last night) ~ Cathy
Jackie Wilson ~ Oscar Vega aka Pilon ~ Victor Vega Sr.
Luis and Rosa Vega ~ Simón Bolívar ~ Pat Savas


  1. Miss you Daniel...still praying and keeping the faith!!
    Candy Perez

  2. To Margarita, Irene and Sal,
    It was a joy to meet you all yesterday! I know Daniel will recover because of the strength of familia in his life. Margarita, I see where Daniel gets his strong character from and that is why we hired him at the college. And the way Irene looks after him, Daniel will be sticking his tongue out in no time!
    God bless you all.
    David Payan

  3. Thank you David. It was a pleasure meeting you too.

    Take care, Irene