Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday June 3, 2009
Day 36

Once again Daniel is hangin' in there. His eyes were wide
open and he actually appeared to look to the side slightly.
Both eyes seemed to track together which is something
we haven't seen. His doctor was in late yesterday and
tried audio stimuli by yelling "Daniel ! Stick out
your tongue"! Those of us in the room detected some head
movement in the direction of the doctor. Like he was
turning his head in the direction of the sound.

Daniel had a tranquil night and he was being prepped for
the IVC filter procedure, he should be back by 9:30.

There are medical theories on Coma Arousal Therapy
that are being researched with mixed results. The studies
are testing stimuli to the five senses: vision, hearing, touch,
taste, and smell. One study focused on the effects
of family and friends speaking to the patient often. The
study emphasized frequency, intensity and duration of the
stimuli. The results obviously are different with each patient.
Nevertheless, Daniel's support group is here, we have the
numbers, the patience, and the determination. Si se puede!
The family urges all of you to talk with him, read to him
(poetry-song lyrics-sporting stories-psalms-bible verses)
sing to him (Marley verses), reminisce about good times,
adventures and even misadventures. The Choir Boys know
what I am talking about.
Thank you for your efforts in this area. A true labor of love!

Will hear sometime today if Cathy's valiant efforts are
successful. As you know, Daniel's health insurance company
wants him transferred to Villa Pomerado ASAP, but a room
won't be available there for two weeks. Their solution is
two transfers, one to a facility in El Cajon for two weeks,
then, if a room is available, a transfer to Villa Pomerado.
You would think that in the best interest of Daniel's health
the rationale would be to just keep him here until he can be
transferred to Villa Pomerado. Last night, Victor Sr. and
I counted 10 empty rooms on the 4th floor, the Progressive
Care Unit. The night before it was 15 empty rooms.
What's wrong with this picture? Let's see, 10 rooms here,
no rooms over there......hmmm. Our patient needs acute care
and Sharp is an acute care facility..........lets just wait.
It comes down to the cost differential in the rooms and
the insurance company's drive to minimize expenses and
maximize profits for share holders. Again, profits over people.


Victor Vega II (last night)
Cathy, Michelle ~ Robert and Olga Chavez ~ Rudy & Ruben
Aguilar ~ 'Nando Vega ~ Benigno Aquino ~ Chuy Miranda
Võ Nguyên Giáp ~ Big Fern Vega & Sarah~Fern Dawg~Julianna
Victor ~ Margarita ~ and Cristina Vega

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