Friday, June 19, 2009

Day #51 "Patience"

Today, Margarita reports that most of the day went well. Daniel has had more bouts of "storming" than usual. So, of course that is a concern of ours. Medication was again administered to help calm him down. Still, no word on weather or not Daniel will go into surgery anytime soon.



  1. That quote just zinged my heart!

    Courage has been defined as " Grace under pressure ."

    You are one very courageous lady, Cathy ,and an inspiration to many people.

    Some day ,your children will remember the wonderful example you have set for them and bless you for it.

    God IS Love.

    Pat Savas

  2. My week with my Bro
    Whenever I see Cathy Vega at the hospital I am humbled by her strength. How does she do it? Cathy does it all including: Soccer matches, Surgery meetings, seemingly endless hours at Daniels side and Sweet sixteens. My Mom has been very helpfull to Cathy by also coming during the day. I made my usual ADD type quick visits on suday monday and tuesday. I park my clunker on the road, race up the elevator, beep the nurse and I am in. A quick kiss, some soothing and some whispers.I spent a couple of hours on wedneday with Daniel. Jerry and Esperanza brought Daniels very good friend Jaime from colombia. Daniel lit up when they spoke. I came back that night after the shift change for the evening for a couple more hours. The hospital is a trip at night and the staff is cool. Thursday I had some great alone time with Daniel after relieveing Mom. Then John came after a couple of hours. As Daniels brother I want to thank Cathy for her amazing endurance. I also want to thank the friends, homies and familia that visit Daniel, especialy during the weekday's in the afternoon (These are the best times to spend some alone time with him). He seems to like the company and not "storm" as much. Those are just my thoughts. I think our group moral is just how Daniel would want it. Happy, honest and hopeful.

    Cathy y Daniel forever

    El Nando

    p.s. Happy Sweet 16 to the Teenage Queen "Olivia Mia Vega"

  3. El Nando,

    I agree with your observations that Daniel seems to storm less when he's in the quiet company of friends and family. My theory is that Daniel may find great stress and pain relief through breathing and simple conversation. Check out the article in the LA Times today, column one, on bedside manner.

    I am also grateful for Cathy. Thanks.

  4. Great work Cathy,

    Although I have a love hate relationship w/ writing because of my work, I always thought expressing oneself on the page is great self therapy. Feelings are hard to express sometimes but always easier to explain to yourself. Great pictures.

    Also, the girls are good. Avery is the only one that got sick. I will not be going to the hospital for a few days just to make sure I don't have a bug. Been taking care of Avery since Elena went back to Colorado. Will keep you guys posted.


  5. Thanks guys for all the love, I need it!!

  6. The above comment was from Cathy

  7. Cathy te quiero mucho !! You are doing great. And I admire your strength....

    Elena Escobedo

  8. hey, Elena
    I am bummed we barley had a chance to get together. At least I was able to see you for that little time we had when we went out for dinner. When I get a chance I want to see the kids and say happy birthday to Avery. I love you too and hope to see you soon. Take care of yourself