Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday June 7, 2009
Day 40

Patience and fortitude conquer all things
~ Emerson

Daniel's neurosurgeon has indicated that he
may need to replace the shunt valve unit as he has
not been able to achieve the fine tuning that he
wants. That was the word late Saturday, the surgeon
may come in today to speak with Cathy about this.
With Cathy's approval the surgeon may schedule
the surgery for tomorrow, Monday.
This will obviously affect the tentatively planned move
to Coronado Acute Center. As of this moment,
everything is on hold.

We've been playing James Brown greatest hits for
Daniel and some Nirvana. Daniel is hangin' in there,
he still opens his eyes and appears to nod off every
now and then. There is no physical therapy on the

Will follow up this post with more info, later today.

UPDATE: 7:20 pm Sunday
It appears the plan to surgically replace the shunt
has been changed. They will try to schedule the pro-
cedure for Tuesday or Wednesday. This means that
Daniel will more than likely be allowed to stay here at
Sharp until Friday. This is all tentative of course and
may change tomorrow.


Cathy ~ Dorothy Reina ~ Nancy Turner~
Irene Lopez ~ Nando, Sarah & Lola Vega
Alfredo & Diana, Alfredito, Diego Vega
Victor, Margarita & Cristina Vega ~ Nat Turner
Chuy Miranda ~ Andre (Surfs up- the Giant)
Hélder Câmara ~ Luis and Socorro Vega

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