Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday June 4, 2009
Day 37

Hope never abandons you, you abandon it. ~George Weinberg

Daniel had another restful and tranquil night. He has
his eyes wide open and looks good. 'Calm, dark, and
handsome'. Similar problems with fluctuating
heart rate, but the nurses give him a small dose of
medication to stabilize. This morning the two day
shift nurses, Ian and Donna, came in to rotate Daniels
position and evaluate his vital signs. We had Bob Marley's
Legend album playing, when they came in their reaction
was 'Hey cool, the only way to work'. Big Fern, Sarah,
and Fern Dawg brought a CD player with speakers
yesterday afternoon and of course the custom Marley CD.
I placed one speaker on the bed, so Daniel's audio/stimuli
this morning started with 'Don't Worry'! Thanks to Fern
and family, they responded to the request faster than
UPS! Also, thanks to other friends and family that
offered equipment. If anyone has other CD's, feel free to
bring 'em down. Remember, Daniel has the Legend album
Daniel has been receiving a pulmonary treatment called
a 'Bi-Level Positive Airway Pressure'. This keeps the lungs
pressurized at normal levels. Patients with traches tend to
have shallow breathing patterns. This treatment helps to
expand the lungs.
A colleague of Daniel at the Norco campus of Riverside
Community College visited Daniel most of the morning
and afternoon. David Payan offered that faculty and students
miss Daniel dearly. An Aztec dance troupe performing for
an event on campus dedicated and offered a special dance
to Daniel and a complete recovery so that he may return
to them.


Victor, Margarita and Cristina Vega ~ Irene Lopez
Digna Ochoa ~ David Payan ~ Gregorio Cortez ~
Big Fern Vega ~ Jon Jon Gonzalez ~ Oliver Tambo
Oscar Vega aka Pilon

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  1. Hello. I'm an old friend of Daniel from the days of y.s.c. I've spent many days playing video games with daniel at his home near UCR. I had the great pleasure of working with and developing a wonderful friendship with an amazing man. To the family, My prayers are with you and i would like to visit him when it is appropriate. Daniel has a strong spirit, a true fighter at heart. I look forward to his complete recovery so i can beat him in the latest video game.
    God Bless.
    Francis Kendrick